How To Make My Puppy Listen To Me

Is your little one (puppy) creating havoc in your home? If that’s your situation, you may be wondering “how to make my puppy listen to me”? Your new puppy will be in a lost when she just joined your family and needs to be trained on your house rules. It is also important that you … Read more

How To Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

How to stop aggressive dog behavior if your beloved pet is exhibiting this sign? Many dogs suffer from aggression, anxiety and fear. This is caused by fear of the owner, abuse, harsh punishment, separation, or lack of socialization. These are common causes of aggression. If a dog is traumatized by another dog or because of … Read more

How To Train A Dog To Listen

My child requires a dog to be a part of our family. It is wonderful to have a furry friend close by, and for many children, dogs may be the best “present” for them! However, how to train a dog to listen if this is not happening to your Bella! The thing to do in … Read more

Obedience Training For Older Dogs

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How To Stop Your Puppy From Being Aggressive

If your puppy is displaying aggressive behaviors, this can be especially challenging to you and you maybe thinking of how to stop your puppy from being aggressive. In many cases, aggressive behavior is often wrongly interpreted as dominant behavior by the owner. And many owners try to dominate their dogs simply by trying to establish … Read more