Best Way To Stop A Dog From Barking

Always remember dogs are pack animals, and one of the characteristics of being a dog is to bark as a means of communication. However, when barking becomes excessive or inappropriate, there must be an adjustment to make. Keep reading to find out what is the best way to stop a dog from barking unnecessary!

First, avoid disciplining your dog for barking too much. If your dog cannot see or hear you, it is likely that he is barking just to hear himself. Remember, your dog will not know he is doing anything wrong and just trying to get your attention.

Always reward your dog for NOT barking. If he calms down when you are around and is NOT barking, reward him! Never use negative reinforcement. Dogs learn best by positive reinforcement, even in the form of treats!

Some other common reasons for dogs to bark is as followed:

  1. Maybe he is bored and needs something to keep him busy. How about giving him a toy to keep him busy? Remove the boredom by making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and an occasional walk. You’d be surprised at the results.
  2. Maybe he doesn’t not like strangers. Do you have some visitors at home now?
  3. Maybe he is scared or nervous of a particular thing or situation. Try to move him away from door or windows as he is likely to catch attention whenever there is any activities out there.
  4. Maybe of health issue. Diseases can all your dog to bark non-stop as he is not feeling well and was trying to get help. For this issue, you would certainly needs help from your vet. Keep on the lookout for symptoms, and have your pet vaccinated or treated as soon as possible.
  5. Maybe lack of exercise? Giving your dog plenty of exercise will take the edge off his barking excessively. There is a old saying – “a tired dog is a good dog!”
  6. Maybe he just wants to play and is seeking for your attention?
  7. Maybe he sees that you are leaving the house?
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Create a safe place for your dog to occupy while you are out from home. Dogs need something to do and can sometimes get bored and bark out of boredom. Make an environment full of toys and games for your dog to stay occupier while you are gone.

Anything that interacts with him such as a chew toy or a rawhide bone can help create a happy experience for him. This can help curb his compulsive barking, which can be a result of boredom.

Reward good behavior with treats. Dogs are like little children: they react to what you do. Make sure you reward appropriate behaviors if your dog behave well. Praise and treats are the top choices, or with some light exercise. Most dogs react really well to light exercise.

Spend as much time as possible with your dog. If you don’t have full time to spend with him every day, then at the very least, spend a few minutes with him every day. It is extremely important for you as the owner to find time to spend with your dog. This does not mean just a trip to the dog park once a week. It means to let your dog interact with you actively.

Pick up those dog toys, increase your playtime with him, and teach him some new tricks. There is no better way to establish a happy relationship with your canine than doing daily activities with him.

You may also want to teach your dog to stop barking and “Stop” command or “Quiet” command. This is extremely important for almost any type of dog behavioral issue. Remember that your dog is not as highly intelligent as you and would not understand your language. He could at his very best, understood some simple, short commands.

When you spend time with him, praise him and give him positive attention if he does not bark. Always have some treats in your pocket. When he starts barking, just say “Quiet” in a firm but calm voice and wait for him to silence off. Reward him right away once he stops barking.

All dogs are different. Some learn faster than others, depending on their genetics and how you trained them. Some dogs will catch up as they mature. Educate yourself with the above tips to help your dog stop barking. You are the teacher, and you should teach your dog.

Lastly, always try to figure out what triggers your dog to start barking. If you can figure this out, then you should be able to fix this problem very quickly. Hopefully, these few tips will help you on your way to stopping that excessive barking. Your timid dog (who may have thought he was barking to protect his territory) will now walk peaceably at your side as you relax in your own bed, or lie down in your favorite chair.

To conclude, there are many reasons as to why a dog barks, and finding out the “why” is just the first step in solving the problem. If you put in the effort to search for “why”, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and will have much success in making your dog to stop barking.

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