Best Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

It is not as hard as you might think to learn how to potty train a puppy. If you start with the basics, you should have no problem making it a success. Here are some tips for potty training a puppy that may be able to help you get your puppy trained before he turns to a dog.

Puppies are very cute, but sometimes they just don’t understand what are the DO and DON’T in your home. This is where you need to train them using commands, coupled with the right training methods to make them obedience. If you are using punishments and scolding, they will most likely be fearful of you and resist all training.

Your puppy is naturally intelligent, so try to give him positive feedback and praise when he is eliminating in the correct spot. When you see him sniffing the floor as though he’s searching for something, pick him up and quickly take him outside to the proper spot for potty. Remember to reward him if he does the potty correctly.

If your puppy eliminates in the house, show him disapproval expression with a sharp “NO” (No physical punishment) and immediately put him outside in the designated spot for his potty. Then reward him after he does his business.

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Puppy potty training doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge. Just remember to:

1. Be consistent with your puppy potty-training. Select one designated spot in the house where you’d like your dog to go when nature calls. Move his bed, food/water bowls and toys to that designated area.

2. Praise and reward him with treats every time he goes to his designated area. Since dogs love to please their owners, he will quickly pick up on the positive reinforcement and go right to the area again to relive himself.

3. Keep in mind, when your puppy is not confined to his crate, he needs to be close to you and be allowed to potty without being left alone. It’s crucial that you do not keep changing his potty area, since he will potty only where he has gone in the past.

4. Never strike or shout at your puppy. This is a severe no-no and will get you nowhere. Instead, ignore his misbehavior and he’ll realize that he’s not getting anywhere with it.

5. Be patient. Puppies like to pee every hour or so, and will usually get the urge within 30 minutes after eating or drinking. So be sure to take him outside every hour or so.

6. If you catch your puppy in the act, don’t startle him like shouting or splashing water in his face. Instead, say “NO” firmly and take him outside immediately.

Another tip for potty training a puppy is to make sure that he had plenty of toys to play with. Toys are the key to puppy training. Toys are great because they are safe and they give your puppy something to do that they don’t have to worry about.

Food is a powerful motivator. If your dog does something that isn’t on purpose, it’s probably due to the food. Use this as a training opportunity! Be creative and keep your rewards as a “lure” to train your puppy.

The most important thing that you can do to make training a puppy easier is to take some time every day to get to know your puppy. Your puppy needs to learn about you, and about the family. You need to let them be able to get along with each other so that they won’t feel that you are being strict.

Puppy potty training should be done consistently. If you are not consistent, your puppy might get used to it and stop learning what had been taught previously.

In order to be successful at potty training, you need to be able to take your puppy out at scheduled times. It’s best if you go with a routine, perhaps following a schedule of established Dos and DON’TS. That way, your puppy will know what to expect and you will likely have success.

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Learning how to potty train a puppy isn’t easy, and it takes lots of effort, time and patience. But the bonding that you will have with your puppy and the relationship he will have with you will be wonderful. He will love you and respect you, and you will shine in his eyes.