Basic Training For Dogs At Home

Basic training can help your dog to be a well-behaved and obedient pet at home. It will also teach your dog to trust you and be comfortable in your presence. With the following basic training for your dog at home, you will have a pet that is trained to obey your commands.

The first step in basic training is to make sure that your dog understands the commands you give it. You must be consistent with the commands given, as they should not be ambiguous or misleading. For example, if you tell your dog “sit,” then sit. If you say, “stay,” stay.

The training should also involves training your dog to respond to your voice, with the training commands being repeated to it each time. It can also include training them to use a designated area in your house. Once these steps are completed, you will have a trained dog and a well-behaved one.

When you first get your puppy, try to keep him confined to one room of the house so that your dog doesn’t roam freely around the entire house. This will encourage your dog to follow rules and remain calm when around other animals.

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You will have to give your dog lots of attention, praise, and treats. A well-trained dog will do whatever you say with complete respect, without any unnecessary or unwanted aggression. You will also be able to take your dog anywhere, in both public and private areas.

If your dog shows any signs of aggression, correct him at once. If you can’t see any aggressive behavior, but your dog is growling, jumpy and snapping at you, correct him. You can’t correct aggression with physical discipline, but you can get your dog under control so that he will respond to your leadership and respect you.

When you see any threatening behavior, use a loud, sternly and firm voice to correct your dog. You can also use a quick spray of water on your dog face to stop his aggressive behavior.

You can supplement this spray with a crack of thunder by tapping on your open palm. This noise, heard from a distance, will startle your dog and cause it to focus its attention elsewhere. Your dog will respond by dropping his aggression and learning to respond to the “taking notice” command.

Behavior problems can sometimes be a result of boredom or over-stimulation in early puppyhood. To prevent this from happening, consider reducing the amount of time you expect your young dog to spend outside by keeping him busy while you’re busy.

A dog must learn that whining, barking or howling will not be tolerated. Don’t reward the behavior by giving attention. Some behavior problems are the result of lack of proper socialization

Another approach is to use the clicker method. You can acclimate your dog to thinking he will receive a reward when he hears the distinctive click sound that is produced when using the clicker.

Using food as a reward is very popular. Now, how this works: If the dog sits, he receives a treat. If he begins to sniff the treat and wags his tail, he receives the treat. When he sits and stays calm, he gets the treat. This may seem too simple, and you may be saying to yourself that it won’t work, but I’ve found that this works consistently.

If you are consistent with your timing when delivering the treat, your dog will learn exactly how you want him to perform with the treat. If getting your dog to come when he’s called is your goal, then your training will take just a few, short minutes. If you can get your dog to come when he’s called in 5 seconds or less, you are well on your way to a lifetime of easy recalls!

Basic training for dogs at home does not need to be a one-on-one training session with you and the dog. You can find an endless supply of information and resources on how to train your dog through videos and books.

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Using the above dog training tips, you will be rewarded with a well-behaved, obedient and confident dog. You will also have fun bonding with your dog as he learns new commands.