Basic Obedience Dog Training

Most dog trainers and experts will advise dog owners to spend not more that 10 to 15 minutes per day on their basic obedience dog training program. The easiest way to teach your dog new commands is to simply do it in short sessions with lots of praise and rewards.

Your dog has a personality and that personality is what most people perceive. Of course you can’t expect a dog to be like a person, but through your interaction with him, you can gain some idea on his personality and “tailor” your dog obedience training towards this path.

Remember that your dog doesn’t automatically know the basic dog commands. You must teach him all these commands, and that will take time and patience. Some dogs pick up these command almost immediately, while others take months. This early stage of obedience training is a great way to start bonding with your new puppy and it’s also the perfect time to establish the authorizations, right?

By using the commands shared below, you can easily get started with the basics training for your dog. These basic commands are in the form of short words. They are commonly used to assist your dog in understanding what you wants.

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“Sit”. This is the most commonly used command. When telling your dog to sit, you need to make sure you mention his name and you would want to ensure that his focus is with your direction. It is important to phrase the command in a firm way. If you want your dog to be successfully trained, you will need a firm command.

“Lie Down”. This is a very helpful command. Similar to “sit”, this command is used to make sure that your dog is in a “down” position. To teach this to your dog, you would need to lead her slowly and gently to a “down” position. Do this while keeping the leash loose. Once your dog is positioned, say “down”, while pulling the dog towards the down position.

“Come”. Aside from the commands above, you would also want to teach your dog to come. When you see that he is getting ready to come, say “come” slowly while tugging upwards on the leash.

“Heel”. By using this command, you want to make sure that your dog walks right beside you. Remember not to pull your dog’s leash ahead at the end of the walk. It is crucial to show your dog that you are the alpha. If you do not establish yourself as alpha, you will be sure to experience difficulties when you first take your dog out in public.

“Leave It”. This is a very helpful command in preventing your dog from picking things up in your home, or worse picking things up to his mouth. This is also helpful if your dog steals something when you’re not around. To train your dog on this command, say “leave it” while looking at the item and then physically put it away.

If your dog tries to wag his tail and you want him to stop doing it, you have to understand why he does it. Dogs wag their tails to get attention from their alpha leader and that alpha leader is YOU.

As dog’s owner, you will have to decide when to give him your attention and make appropriate commands. If your dog sees that you are not giving him any attention, he would start to misbehavior in order to catch your focus . That is when you will have a difficult time training him.

Some dogs respond well to food treats. If you don’t have any experience on this, you should have some treats in your pocket and start off with them. Give your dog the command and with the treat in your hand, have your dog right in front of you and give him the treat if he is following your command.

Whatever command you choose to use, be sure to start using it early! Once a dog learns these basic commands, the possibilities are endless. Imagine having a dog who is very obedience and follow your instructions closely.

Crate training is also an important tool when training your dog for obedience. That being said, you have to make sure that your dog sees it as a great place to be. it can be a great way to keep your dog confined when the potty training begins, and it can be a safe place to put the dog when you have friends over. Crate training can’t be too complicated either.

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To sum up, obedience training is critical for the overall success in your relationship with your dog. A well-trained dog is a happy, healthy dog. We are all familiar with the old saying that “happiness is a warm puppy.” This is not only true for human beings, but apply to dogs as well. One of the happiest times a dog can experience is when he had been trained and disciplined. This breakthrough comes with effective dog training that challenges him on his daily tasks.